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Discover the past entering our gallery. harclick you discover the wonders that we have left the history and archeology through time.

harclick is the place where you will be updated of our past.
Many people already share images from his travels to cities and places with historical monuments, also including visits to museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites, historical reenactments, workshops, and more.

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Share your images with all those who have not visited the places you've been able to see and photograph.
harclick is composed by people who want to share their images with other fans or just interested in history, archeology and reconstruction anywhere in the world.

The educational community will in harclick the most extensive worldwide photo gallery about history.

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In less than a minute you will create your own account and start to upload and share your pictures with those interested in teaching and disseminating the history. Your images will always be your property.

Sell your images: Your pictures can also be used for professional purposes, harclick will manage the sale of your rights and whether you agree with the price, you ask for a copy of the original higher resolution.

Image Gallery

History & Archaeology

History & Arqueology
Images of items located in museums, exhibitionsarchaeological sites ...

Archaeological Reconstruction

Archeological Reconstruction
Reproduction equipment and costumes from all periods, archaeological reproductions ...

Historical Reenactment

Historical Reenactment
Groups of reconstruction and re-enactment, outreach events, workshops and all events ...

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